Homelessness is a problem facing many major American cities right now, but it is particularly acute in Austin due to a backlog of housing developments and a lack of affordable housing options. The City of Austin exacerbated the problem recently by re-writing local ordinances which facilitated the creation of “homeless camps” throughout the city. These changes have also resulted in a steady increase in crimes involving the homeless, notably violent crime.

Becky is committed to ensuring that these self-inflicted problems facing the City of Austin do not bleed out into the county, particularly our county parks and open spaces. She will work with the myriad of non-profits and local agencies to find partnerships that can be created to address the causes of homelessness, provide much-needed services, and work toward providing more affordable housing. Leasing properties to house the homeless, as the City of Austin is doing with various hotels, is certainly not going to address this growing problem.